Full-featured fuel management for a fraction of the cost

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What’s Included

FuelCloud’s monthly subscription fee gives you full access to FuelCloud’s suite of reporting and management tools. No contracts, no obligations - pause and reactivate your account based on seasonal or business needs.

  • Unlimited Access to the FuelCloud Webportal
  • Unlimited reports on-demand
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Full suite of inventory alerts
  • Automatic tax refund forms
  • Full real time restriction for drivers and vehicles
  • Limits (gallons per week/day/month


Each CloudBox connects a fueling site to the FuelCloud platform. CloudLinks are connected to each pump at the site, and relay their information back to the CloudBox automatically. Your monthly subscription is determined by the number of CloudBoxes you use - in other words, the more sites you connect to FuelCloud, the less you pay per site.

UL CloudBox

UL 1238 rated, primary system. Handles one hose position. 12v, 110v, & 220v compatible.

UL 1238 rated, expandable hose system. Adds 5 hose positions. Can have up to 100 per CloudBox

FuelCloud ROI

On average, how many gallons do you pump?
/ month
And at what price?
/ month
What’s your slippage rate?

According to the National Association of Fleet Administrators survey, slippage in poorly controlled fueling environments is between 9.8% and 14.5%.


Includes theft, cross-fueling, fraud & lost fuel

What are your management and reporting costs?
  • Avg. accountant wage:
    / hour
  • X
  • Hours managing & reporting:
    / month
What are you potential tax savings?
(taxed fuel going into exempt vehicles)
  • Gollons that should be exempt:
    / month
  • Product Type:
  • X
  • Your State:
Your potential yearly savings:
  • share

Slippage Cost

  • 6,000
    average gallons pumped per month
  • cross-img
  • 10.00%
    slippage rate
  • cross-img
  • $2.50
    price per gallon
= $600.00

Management and Reporting Costs

  • $65.00
    average accountant hourly wage
  • cross-img
  • 10
    hours managing and reporting per month
= $600.00

Potential Tax Savings

  • 200
    monthly gallons that should be exempt
  • 9.00%
    tax rate
  • 9.00%
    federal tax rate
= $600.00
Monthly Savings
= $1800.00

Total Yearly Savings:



How can I pay?

We accept all major credit cards, as well as direct debit. We offer 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and annual billing options

Can I cancel anytime?

Absolutely - there are no contracts or long-term obligations. You don’t have to pay for pumps you’re not using.

How much does it cost to buy and install FuelCloud?
How much does it cost?

Contact your local distributor for more information about hardware pricing and installation.


Complete marina and marine management system for marinas, boatyards and boat dealerships.

Integrate with Morrison Brothers tank monitors for even more precise inventory tracking.

Simple marina management platform that can help you manage your marina, yacht club, or boatyard.


$5 per vehicle / month

Automatically collect advanced vehicle information as soon as a driver pulls up to the pump

Morison Brothers


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