3 Benefits of Using Cloud-Based Software To Manage Fuel Use

Mar 25, 2022


Whether you're managing fuel for a massive fleet of vehicles that use dozens of different sites or just a few company cars using a single bulk tank, technology makes it easy to track and manage fuel. New fuel management systems are using advanced technology, including cloud-based software, to make fuel tracking more secure and accurate than pen-and-paper records. In many cases, the key is that the software is based on the cloud. Check out these three benefits of using cloud-based software to manage fuel use.

Better Data Accuracy

Cloud-based software makes it easy for a fuel management system to be added to all of your fueling location without making it harder to collect fueling data – each site can report its own fuel use automatically into a single central dashboard. As a result, cloud-based software helps managers get more accurate fueling data from all of their sites, which in turn unlocks a variety of benefits. For example, comprehensive and accurate fuel data makes it possible for managers to better schedule fuel deliveries because they know when each site is running low.

In addition, more accurate data can help managers detect and address fuel loss or theft. Cloud-based software allows for transactions to be tracked in real-time, in turn allowing managers to see when an employee is taking more fuel than they should or when a tank is lower than expected.

Easier data access

The best data in the world doesn’t mean anything if you can’t access it. One of the great strengths of cloud-based software is how readily accessible it makes your fueling data without sacrificing security or data integrity. Cloud-based software can often be accessed from any internet-connected device, meaning fuel managers can constantly stay in touch with their fuel data. As the nature of work changes following the Covid-19 pandemic and organizations increasingly embrace remote work, flexible access to fuel data from anywhere will become even more important.

More efficient Fuel Management

Besides the inherent benefits provided to Fuel Management Systems, cloud-based software also makes it easier for back-office staff to perform their duties to manage their organization’s fuel use. For example, easily accessible fuel data can be more quickly organized for reporting and review. Cloud-based fuel management software can also integrate with other business software to bring fuel data into the total picture of an organization’s operations.

These three benefits of using cloud-based software to manage fuel use are great reasons to upgrade how you manage fuel, and to get an automated fuel management system that’s powered by the best technology, like FuelCloud.


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