4 Industries That Benefit From Automated Fuel Management

Dec 10, 2021



Fuel management systems make monitoring and managing fuel supplies easy for any company or organization that buys fuel in bulk. However, some organizations benefit more from the data and controls that automated fuel management systems can provide. Which companies should look most at the right FMS?

What Is Automated Fuel Management?

A fuel management system monitors your fuel usage by requiring drivers to use an authorization process to access tanks. Modern fuel management systems also automate much of the monitoring and reporting processes that previously had to be done manually. In addition the basic fuel security and tracking benefits provided by any fuel management system, an automated fuel management system saves time for back-office staff and unlocks new opportunities to make data-driven decisions on fuel use and organization operations.

What Industries Benefit Most from Automated Fuel Management?

Instant visibility into fuel inventory is beneficial to any company using fuel for daily functions, but the following industries tend to benefit most from the right FMS:


  • Construction: Construction companies can file tax refunds for off-road equipment, but must carefully track off-road fuel use to file those refunds accurately.  
  • Transportation companies: Local shipping companies operating from a single site use extremely high volumes of fuel that need to be tracked, while multi-state shipping companies need to track fuel use at dispersed fueling sites.
  • Municipalities: County and state governments maintain fleets of vehicles for public works, police, and fire departments. With different drivers and vehicles accessing the same fuel supplies, an FMS is necessary to track and account transactions appropriately.
  • Farming: Protecting liquid fuel inventory from theft and loss at remote fuel locations helps improve the profitability of farms.

Why Choose Fuel Cloud

The ideal fuel management system has the flexibility to work on all of your fueling sites, from portable tanks at job sites to larger tank farms at headquarters. FuelCloud’s smart fuel management system is easy to install and works with both fixed and mobile tanks, and our cloud-based software can be accessed from any internet-connected device – no local hardware to install or servers to manage. For Transportation, Construction, Municipalities, Farms, and more, FuelCloud can provide an effective fuel management solution that will save companies time and money.


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