Advantages of Using a Mobile App for Your Fuel Management

Mar 25, 2022


Mobile apps have completely transformed how business is done, introducing new efficiencies and capabilities to everyday work. Fuel management is no exception. While app-based fuel management systems may seem unusual at first, there are enormous advantages to using a fuel management system that’s powered by a mobile app.

Easy Access to Fuel

Mobile apps allow for authorized fuel users to access tanks without keeping track of cards or key fobs: the app can connect to the fuel management system automatically and function as a kind of digital keypad for inputting PIN codes or ID numbers. Compared to physical keypads on pedestals which can degrade over time due to wear-and-tear and often require large hardware installations on site, mobile devices are convenient, multi-purpose, (often) protected from the elements, and don’t require clunky local hardware to support.

Flexible Tracking of Fuel Data

Fuel Management Systems with mobile apps often allow fuel managers to access their organization’s fueling data wherever and whenever they need it. This flexibility can be crucial in eliminating fuel misuse or detecting fraud, because fuel managers are never too far away from the systems they need.

More efficient workflows

Chances are good that you’re already using some kind of mobile app for your business, and if you’re not, you could be. By combining your fuel management system apps with your other productivity apps on the same platform, you’re creating a more centralized and easier-to-manage system for all of the work that you do.

These benefits of using a mobile app for fuel management go hand-in-hand with the benefits of a cloud-based fuel management system. Cloud-based fuel management makes it easy to track and manage fuel supplies without the local hardware or technical support required from traditional fuel management systems.

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