Introducing CloudCover: a comprehensive extended warranty for complete peace of mind
Tristan Kruth
May 15, 2023
Protect your FuelCloud hardware with CloudCover, a new extended warranty now available from FuelCloud

Whether you’re managing dozens of fueling sites across multiple states or filling a small fleet from a single tank, you rely on your fuel equipment to work. We understand how important reliability is: from the tireless efforts of our customer support team to the regular software and firmware updates developed by our engineers, we’re constantly looking for new ways to make sure that FuelCloud is there for you when you need it. With that commitment to reliability in mind, we’re happy to introduce CloudCover, a new extended warranty program for all of the hardware we offer.


How does CloudCover work?


CloudCover is designed to deliver comprehensive coverage with no questions asked. When you file a return request for hardware covered by CloudCover, you’ll be given a priority troubleshooting session to make sure the problem isn’t something we can fix remotely. If remote troubleshooting can't resolve the problem, we’ll overnight ship replacement hardware to your fuel site. All you have to do is ship your malfunctioning hardware back to us within 30 days of filing your RMA.


How can I buy CloudCover?


CloudCover is $25 per month for CloudBoxes and $18 per month for CloudLinks. All billing is done on an annual basis. One year of CloudCover is included for free with all new hardware purchases. After a year, you have two choices:

  • Within 30 days of the expiration of your first year of CloudCover, you can extend coverage for an additional year.
  • Wait and resubscribe for CloudCover at a later date. When purchasing CloudCover outside of a coverage term, you will have to purchase a 3 year plan (which can be extended on a yearly basis when that plan expires)

Customers can also purchase a 3 year CloudCover plan within 30 days of a replacement request for non-covered hardware and apply CloudCover retroactively to that return.

Are there any conditions I should know about?

As with everything on earth, there are a few terms and conditions:

  • CloudCover covers up to 5 hardware replacements each year. If your hardware needs to be replaced more than 5 times, there may be something particular about where and how your hardware is being installed that we need to resolve (before we keep sending hardware to its death).
  • Replacement requests received before 12 PM PT will be shipped overnight. Requests received after that time may be delayed, but will be shipped by the fastest available shipping option.
  • Regardless of who you bought your FuelCloud system from, FuelCloud (and not your equipment supplier) will be responsible for fulfilling your warranty claims.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with our sales team at - they can review your FuelCloud system and recommend the right combination of CloudCoverage for your needs.


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