Blu Petroleum


The Client

Blu Petroleum supplies fuel and fuel services to organizations in Chicago and across Northern Illinois. Founded in 2011 by multi-decade fuel industry veterans, Blu Petroleum combines industry expertise with an innovative approach to the fuel supply business to build long-term relationships with their customers.

The Challenge

Blu Petroleum’s customers were spending time and money managing and minimizing as many of their business expenses as they could, but were leaving their fuel supplies unmonitored. Traditional FMS systems were expensive to install, difficult to set up, and unresponsive to the reporting needs of customers. Blu Petroleum needed a Fuel Management System that could give customers the same visibility and control over their fuel that customers expected in the rest of their business, without breaking the bank.

The Solution

FuelCloud’s low hardware costs made it an immediately attractive option for Blu Petroleum to provide to its customers, but the system’s flexible and powerful reporting tools have made FuelCloud an indispensable tool for customers. By selling and supporting FuelCloud, Blu Petroleum has been able to grow their business by building deeper relationships with customers. These relationships help Blu compete against other petroleum suppliers in the region and explore new opportunities to grow their business with a wider range of fuel solutions.

Customers decrease fuel losses and volume uncertainty...

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...and potentially unlock $1000s in tax refunds


The Feedback

“FuelCloud is a big part of our growth plan for the future. It’s just so easy to use. Customers love it because they know where their fuel is going, admin teams love it because it completes their reports and tax forms for them, and we love it because customers love it.”

- Steve Poole, President, Blu Petroleum