Kent Companies


The Client

One of the largest concrete contractors in the United States, Kent Companies offers a full suite of concrete construction services for projects across the Midwest, South and Southeastern United States. The company employs more than 1,500 staff with sales over $300 million annually.

The Challenge

Kent Companies operates on-site tanks at their headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan for a fleet of more than 80 vehicles and an array of heavy equipment. To track the usage of each of the site’s four tanks (and four different fuel products), Kent Companies relied on drivers to record each fueling stop manually on clipboards and paper sheets. Reconciling these recorded transactions against the levels on the tanks showed that inventory was sometimes off by as much as 200 gallons. In total, Kent Companies estimated they were losing $300 to $500 a week on missing transactions.

The Solution

FuelCloud gave Kent Companies a flexible, easy-to-use system that provided the visibility the company needed without the bulk or cost of legacy fuel management systems. Drivers can easily access the fuel they need and have their transactions recorded automatically, and administrators can pull reports at any time to get instant feedback on fuel use and inventory. Kent Companies and FuelCloud have collaborated to have the platform collect custom data that Kent Companies needs for its existing reports, further simplifying the data collection process for managers.

Reduced worry about where fuel is going to 0%


line line

Up to $500 a week in savings.


The Feedback

“With FuelCloud, we don’t worry about where our fuel is going - we know FuelCloud is tracking it to each driver and project, instantly. That confidence, combined with the reporting flexibility and ease of use for our drivers, really sets FuelCloud apart from other fuel management systems.”

Chris Fennema, VP, Kent Companies