Northwest Pump


The Client

Northwest Pump is the the largest distributor of fuel equipment on the West Coast. Since 1959, Northwest Pump has specialized in creating custom solutions to every client’s unique needs, from highly specialized fuel equipment to ground-up service station and convenience store construction.

The Challenge

Northwest Pump’s customers were clamoring for a fuel management system that could help them control their fuel costs without breaking the bank. The existing systems that Northwest Pump provided, however, were too expensive for any but the largest of those companies, so Northwest Pump was eager to find a solution that would work for their smaller customers.

The Solution

FuelCloud’s low-cost, high-power solution was the perfect fit for Northwest Pump’s portfolio of small-business customers. The system’s modular design gave customers flexibility to scale their purchase according to need, often for 20 times cheaper than a legacy fuel management system. In the year that Northwest Pump has been FuelCloud’s exclusive distribution partner in 11 western states, more than 75 businesses have integrated FuelCloud’s hardware and software system.

Up to 20 times cheaper than other fuel systems



Northwest Pump has integrated FuelCloud in over 75 businesses



The Feedback

“FuelCloud truly partners with our customers before and after the equipment is installed. In 29 years of selling equipment I have never had a vendor like FuelCloud - 100% satisfaction is rare, but it’s par for the course for FuelCloud. It’s refreshing to have a partner like FuelCloud that has brought new life to the petroleum equipment industry and lead us to many new equipment sales opportunities”