Meet FuelCloud, the Automated Fuel Management System of the Future

FuelCloud Jobber Accounts

Commercial-Level Captive Site Data for Small Business Prices

When your customers use FuelCloud, you get the inventory information you need to make more accurate deliveries at the right time.

One dashboard for all customers

FuelCloud provides the data and inventory visibility of a traditional fuel management system at a fraction of the price of existing platforms. Our online, co-branded system lets you manage hundreds of customer locations with a specialized suite of jobber-specific tools get insight into fuel use, plan better delivery routes, and deliver fuel right when it's needed. And when your customers use FuelCloud, they're happier in the confidence that their fuel is under control.

  • Automated alerts

    Know the moment your customers need a refill on any of their tanks.

  • Site location maps

    Plan more efficient delivery routes with FuelCloud’s GPS enabled hardware.

  • Inventory reconciliation

    The fuel you deposit in your customer’s tanks shows up immediately.

  • Customer control

    Manage vehicles and authorize users for your customers in-house, or hand off control to the customers own FuelCloud account.

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