July 2019 Firmware update (v3.52.1) change log

Oct 05, 2019



It’s the middle of summer, and we’ve been keeping cool by staying inside and working on a new Firmware update for FuelCloud. Sure, it gets a bit stuffy in the office, but the soft light of a computer screen does wonders for our complexion.


July 2019 Firmware update (v3.52.1) fixes and features

  • Wi-Fi boot up fix - fixed an issue where the CloudBox would not broadcast a Wi-Fi network if there were no other networks in the area
  • Wi-Fi scanning - CloudBoxes will now automatically search for the best available Wi-Fi channel to broadcast the strongest signal possible
  • New Error messages - New specialized error messaging for when the SD card is missing or not detected
  • Lightning fast startup - V1.4 hardware now boots 300% faster
  • Visual restart feedback - Visual feedback for the restart button (5-20 seconds to reboot)
  • Infrastructure Wi-Fi support (connecting to a customer's Wi-Fi network)
  • Updated and simplified the info displayed on the LCD screen (V1.0-V1.3)



Updating your FuelCloud hardware with new firmware updates is necessary to keeping everything running as planned. For instructions on how to update your firmware, visit our handy help page here:

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