July 2019 Firmware update (v3.52.1) change log

Oct 05, 2019



It’s the middle of summer, and we’ve been keeping cool by staying inside and working on a new Firmware update for FuelCloud. Sure, it gets a bit stuffy in the office, but the soft light of a computer screen does wonders for our complexion.


July 2019 Firmware update (v3.52.1) fixes and features

  • Wi-Fi boot up fix - fixed an issue where the CloudBox would not broadcast a Wi-Fi network if there were no other networks in the area
  • Wi-Fi scanning - CloudBoxes will now automatically search for the best available Wi-Fi channel to broadcast the strongest signal possible
  • New Error messages - New specialized error messaging for when the SD card is missing or not detected
  • Lightning fast startup - V1.4 hardware now boots 300% faster
  • Visual restart feedback - Visual feedback for the restart button (5-20 seconds to reboot)
  • Infrastructure Wi-Fi support (connecting to a customer's Wi-Fi network)
  • Updated and simplified the info displayed on the LCD screen (V1.0-V1.3)



Updating your FuelCloud hardware with new firmware updates is necessary to keeping everything running as planned. For instructions on how to update your firmware, visit our handy help page here:

FuelCloud and Tuthill will be working together to build Fill-Rite FMS, combining our technical knowledge with Tuthill's hardware expertise.
The FuelCloud hardware, mobile application, and web portal are covered by one or more United States patents and patent applications, including United States Patent No. 10,210,696 B2 and United States Patent Application No. 16/244,044.