A Commercial-Level Captive Site System without the Commercial-Level Costs


FuelCloud was built by fuel jobbers with fuel jobbers in mind. The FuelCloud Captive Site System is designed for distributors to be able to install dozens of captive site systems for the cost of one traditional system.


The FuelCloud captive site system offers distributors the same data and control as a traditional system at a fraction of the price. Let FuelCloud help you retain customers in an increasingly competitive and demanding industry, grow your business in a simpler and more rapid way than ever before, and leverage technology to increase efficiency and add to your bottom line.



Do More for Less

FuelCloud is designed as a friendly and simple alternative to the expensive and outdated proprietary systems that have been industry standard for decades. For the cost of one traditional card reader and fuel site controller system, you can deploy more than twenty FuelCloud systems.


Simple to Install, Simple to Use

Installing and using captive site systems has always been an exercise in patience and has required a degree in 1990’s technology. FuelCloud is modularly built to be installed in minutes on virtually any kind of tank system and to be used by drivers and CPAs alike. Whether you install and manage the site yourself, or completely turn it over to your customer, Simple and Effective is the name of the game.


Stand Alone or Fully Integrated

Whether your business is based on punch cards and PTO’s or servers and satellites, FuelCloud has you covered. Once your CloudBox is installed, both you and your customers have everything you need to start pumping and tracking fuel deliveries immediately. For jobbers with sophisticated systems already in place, FuelCloud is ready to integrate and export directly into your existing systems.


Data is the Future for You and Your Customers

Your customers want more data and tools to keep track of their tanks.The FuelCloud system can finally provide customers with what they need instantly to take the pressure off of your team. Our platform allows customers to create unlimited custom fields for data collection during fueling (odometer, job number, shift, etc.) and the FuelCloud reporting module lets customers and fuel jobbers view and print custom reports and export information 24/7.


Control Inventory and Track Costs

FuelCloud provides total inventory management - the system lets you track the volume, costs, average inventory, and more in real-time. You can restrict access to tanks by location, product, quantity, or time of day, self-reconcile within a given error percentage, and give your customers all of the cost information they need.


Maximize Efficiency

The FuelCloud system monitors tank levels in real-time and estimates usage trends automatically, so jobbers ensure that they only deliver when a tank needs fuel. FuelCloud systems are GPS mapped to help you build efficient and profitable delivery routes


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Frequently asked questions about FuelCloud and the app.

What kind of connection do I need for FuelCloud to work?

FuelCloud uses wifi to connect your phone/tablet to the hardware. Your phone/tablet must have\cellular data to authorize transactions from the server. If the device is going to be used with limited cell coverage you must activate your device within cell range in order to properly download and program your device and user profile.

What products will FuelCloud work with?

FuelCloud works with all gas and diesel products, as well as all fluids and gases that can be dispensed.

How many tanks can I have on my account?

You can have unlimited tanks on your account. One CloudBox works with one hose. Each CloudLink device adds up to five additional hoses.

How many tanks can one FuelCloud hardware box work with?

One CloudBox works with one hose. Each CloudLink device adds up to five additional hoses.

How are subscription fees calculated?

Subscription fees are based on the number of CloudBoxes actively in use. No fees are charged for any CloudLinks. The fee covers unlimited drivers, vehicles, transactions and users. The subscription fee also includes 24/7 customer service and support, tax refund assistance, and wireless software and firmware updates.

What do I need to do to qualify for a jobber account?

To qualify for a jobber account, you must be a valid and incorporated fuel distributor.To apply for a Jobber account, go to the Jobber portal on the FuelCloud homepage.

Got more questions? Email us or give us a call at 844-792-6071