SMARTank Integration Now Available

Nov 06, 2019


FuelCloud has integrated SkyBitz’s SMARTank tank monitors into the FuelCloud platform to centralize fuel monitoring and provide real-time inventory tracking for connected tanks. The SMARTank integration has been in limited testing for a few weeks, and is now available to all FuelCloud and SMARTank customers.

To connect your tank monitor, you will need SMARTank Gateway access - contact your SMARTank Sales Rep for pricing and access information. When Gateway Access has been granted, you can add your monitor through the hardware section of the FuelCloud dashboard. For detailed instructions on pricing and setup, go to the FuelCloud help pages.

FuelCloud and Tuthill will be working together to build Fill-Rite FMS, combining our technical knowledge with Tuthill's hardware expertise.
The FuelCloud hardware, mobile application, and web portal are covered by one or more United States patents and patent applications, including United States Patent No. 10,210,696 B2 and United States Patent Application No. 16/244,044.