Tank-To-Tank Transfers are Live

Sep 21, 2020


Transfer tank users, rejoice: Tank-to-Tank Transfers are here. Transactions between storage tanks can now be tracked automatically without reconciling transactions by hand. For those of you moving fuel between different tanks, tank-to-tank transfers dramatically simplifies fuel reconciliation and keeps all of your fuel data in one place.

To enable Drivers to perform Tank-to-Tank transfers, enable the “Fuel Transfer’ option in the  Driver section of the FuelCloud dashboard. Drivers use the FuelCloud app as normal to access pumps, but may select tanks instead of vehicles. When a tank is selected in the app, the transaction will proceed as normal, but transactions will show up in the dashboard as ‘Transfers’ to help you track fuel movement.

If you’re interested in using Tank-to-Tank Transfers as part of a fuel delivery service, contact for more detailed training on applications and supporting tools.

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