Three easy fuel management steps you can do right now

Aug 02, 2019





We think our tools are pretty great to use every day, but we understand that it can be overwhelming to have more options and controls over your fuel than before. Even if you’re running reports regularly, take a few minutes this week to do the following admin tasks to make sure your fuel management is at peak performance.





1. Check your authorized drivers and vehicles





Maybe drivers have left recently and you haven’t updated their permissions, or a vehicle that was in the garage is now back on the road. Taking a few minutes now to check your roster will save you some trouble when a driver who shouldn’t be fueling fills up a tank, or you get a call at 3 AM from a driver who can’t access a pump.





2. Review this week’s transactions





If you aren’t using QR codes or a vehicle tracking system, you may need to periodically review transactions to make sure that drivers are tracking fuelings correctly. A vehicle-by-vehicle or driver-by-driver review can be time consuming, but checking for major outliers on a regular basis can protect you from fraud.





3. Check your tank levels





If you’re not using tank alerts and/or aren’t using a tank monitor integration, take a few moments to review the fuel levels in your tank to ensure you have enough fuel. FuelCloud tracks theoretical tank levels automatically, but the accuracy of that reporting is only as good as the information you put into the system! Updating your tank levels and checking those levels periodically (or setting a low level alarm) can protect you from running out of fuel at an inopportune time.


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