Meet FuelCloud, the Future of Fuel Management

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The Future of Fueling

FuelCloud combines hardware, a web portal, and a mobile application to give users real-time insight into their fuel.


FuelCloud Patented Technology
FuelCloud Patented Technology Learn more »
  • Flexible installation

    FuelCloud attaches to most pump types and can be installed in as little as a day.

  • Constant connectivity

    FuelCloud's hardware stays connected everywhere, even in areas with low connectivity.

  • Small on form factor, big on functionality

    Easily fit CloudBoxes onto mobile fuel tanks or in tight confines, without sacrificing the control and visibility you expect.

  • Integrate with your current monitors

    Integrate FuelCloud hardware with current tank equipment to tailor fuel monitoring to each site’s needs.

Mobile App

FuelCloud’s mobile app provides a portable, intuitive system for authorized users to access pumps

Use the technology you already have

The FuelCloud app works with the Android and iOS devices you use every day.

Secure your pumps

Fuel access is gated behind driver-specific pin codes, helping protect you from theft or unauthorized transactions.

Say goodbye to pen and paper

All transaction data is uploaded to FuelCloud’s web portal, saving you the hassle of tracking down hand-written transaction sheets.

Better fuel attribution

The app connects drivers to transactions automatically, making it easy to see who is using your fuel and where.

Web Portal

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  • Customized, automated reports and paperwork

    Collect the information you need at the pump to auto-complete reports and tax forms.

  • Instant visibility into all your tanks

    Check inventory levels and set permissions from one dashboard.

  • Advanced inventory management

    Get real-time updates on your fuel inventory, and automatically order more fuel when levels are running low.

  • Cloud-based software for access everywhere you work

    Your fuel data is available any time, anywhere, on any computer through your FuelCloud account.

Where We Work

  • Stationary Tanks

    From commercial fuel sites to private tanks, FuelCloud is a low cost, light weight, high performance alternative to legacy fuel management systems for stationary tanks.

  • Mobile Tanks

    FuelCloud's small size and cloud connectivity makes it the perfect platform for monitoring mobile tanks and protecting your fuel in remote locations.

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