Billing and Subscription Updates - August 2021
Tristan Kruth
Jul 28, 2021

We’ve made some big changes to billing and subscriptions - it’s now easier to set up longer term subscriptions and manage current subscription payments. 


*New* Billing subscription lengths

We’ve added the option to buy 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscriptions for all subscription-based items. Previously, multi-month subscriptions required you to add prepaid credit to your account to cover automatic subscription renewals. When you add new hardware to your account, you can choose the length of your subscription. You’ll be informed which payment method will be charged and when the subscription will be renewed. The ‘skip payment and save as inactive’ option has been added to all devices if you are setting up hardware before activating it.


Important details

  • You can change the length of an existing subscription once.
  • If you shorten the terms for your subscription, you will not be refunded the cost difference between your previous subscription and your new subscription. Similarly, if you activate a new multi-month subscription, the rate will not be prorated based on time remaining for your current subscription

Modal for Adding a Tank Monitor that includes the new subscription options

*Updated* New Information on Billing Page

The Billing section of the FuelCloud Web Portal has been updated to include summaries of both total Monthly and Prepaid Subscriptions. The History tab will show all previous invoices and invoice status, as well as give you the option to download invoices.

The Billing tab of the FuelCloud Web Portal with new summary sections

*Updated*  Invoices

We’ve streamlined Invoices by simplifying proration to a line item (instead of listing the full calculation) and highlighting when account credit has been used. 

New Invoice format showing improved readability

**New** Plaid Integration for Instant ACH Verification

We’ve integrated Plaid, a third-party banking verification system, to make adding and managing ACH payments faster and easier. Plaid verifies bank account information instantaneously, so ACH payments of subscriptions can be set up significantly faster than before.


**Updated** Expiring Cards and Declined Payments

When a payment has been declined, Users assigned with Billing permission will see a pop-up when they login to the FuelCloud web portal. We’ve also added a new notification one week before the credit card on file is going to expire. 

New pop-up alerting users to failed payments

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