CloudBox technology is the foundation of FuelCloud.

FuelCloud's CloudBox hardware is compatible with most existing fuel equipment and powers the platform by tracking and controlling pump use.
Wireframe image of a FuelCloud CloudBoxWireframe image of a FuelCloud CloudBox

Fuel management that grows with your business
Add or remove hardware from pumps as necessary. The more boxes you install, the lower your per-box monthly fee.
Six pumps arranged in three sets of two

Stays up-to-date
FuelCloud regularly releases free updates that keep your CloudBoxes running at peak performance.
A person maintains a server connected to both a cloud and a laptop

FuelCloud stands behind all of its products
Our patented CloudBox hardware is UL and FCC rated, and we offer a one-year parts only warranty.
UL Rating logo and FCC rating logo, with a green star ribbon between them

Combine FuelCloud with third party hardware
FuelCloud’s hardware works alongside tank monitors and other fuel hardware to provide customers with advanced monitoring and control options.
A CloudBox wireframe with an arrow pointing at a pair of fuel pumps