A cloud-based fuel management system that’s easy to use.

FuelCloud combines hardware, a web portal, and a mobile app to give users real-time insight into their fuel.
A person checks fuel levels on a dashboard collecting data from several industrial sourcesA person checks fuel levels on a dashboard collecting data from several industrial sources


Flexible Installation
FuelCloud attaches to most pump types and can be installed in just a few hours.
Constant connectivity
FuelCloud's hardware stays connected everywhere, even in areas with low connectivity.
Small on form factor, big on functionality
FuelCloud hardware fits almost anywhere - including mobile tanks and tight confines - without sacrificing features.
Integrate with your current monitors
Integrate FuelCloud hardware with current tank equipment to tailor fuel monitoring to each site’s needs.

Mobile app

The FuelCloud mobile app provides a portable, intuitive system for authorized users to access pumps.

Use technology you already have
The FuelCloud mobile app is available on the Android and iOS devices your drivers use every day.
Say goodbye to pen and paper
All transaction data is uploaded to our web portal, saving you the hassle of working with hand-written transaction records.
Secure your pumps
Fuel access is gated behind driver-specific PIN codes, protecting you from fuel theft and misuse.
Better fuel tracking
Our app connects drivers to transactions automatically, making it easy to see who is using your fuel and where.

Web portal

Customized and automated reports
Organize your fuel data however you want and run reports in minutes.
Instant visibility into all your tanks
Easily check inventory levels and set permissions from your FuelCloud Web portal.
Advanced inventory management
Get real-time updates on your fuel inventory and alerts when fuel levels get low.
Cloud-based software for access everywhere
Your fuel data is available any time, anywhere, on any computer.

Adaptable technology

FuelCloud can manage mobile or stationary fluid inventory for all kinds of organizations.

Trucking companies
Bus companies
Car dealerships
Mobile fuel
City services
Are you a Jobber interested in FuelCloud?
We have a complete set of tools specifically designed for Jobbers.