The Web portal is your all-in-one fuel management dashboard.

Check inventory, run reports, and manage pump permissions from one place with our online fuel management system.
A person holding a notepad looks at a large dashboardA person holding a notepad looks at a large dashboard

Inventory tracking

Inventory updates
FuelCloud’s technology updates transactions in real time, so you always know your fuel levels.
FuelCloud reconciles fuel withdrawals and deposits over time, then alerts you when levels aren't adding up.
Low level alerts
Get updates when your tanks reach low and critically low levels to avoid running out of fuel.
On-time deliveries
Send alerts to your Jobbers when your tanks are low to get fuel when you need it most.
Two large fuel tanks, one with a warning sign and one with a check mark

Cloud-based fuel management

FuelCloud’s Web portal and Mobile app provide constant visibility into your fuel inventory. Access the system from anywhere, on any device.

Real-time transactions
Review transactions as they happen and get consistent up-to-date information.
Automatic updates
The dashboard is updated with new features and fixes on a regular basis.
An annotated diagram of a digital dashboard highlighting different datasets

Custom restrictions

Manage pump access
Driver, vehicle, and tank permissions help you control who can access your fuel and when.
Set custom limits
Set maximums on how much fuel your drivers can pump for a set period of time.
A person stands next to a shield with a keyhole being orbited by small icons

Custom reports

Custom forms, custom data
Request any information you want from drivers in the field and configure fuel data to create the reports you need.
Tax refunds made easy
FuelCloud can automatically fill out tax refund forms for off-road fuel use.
A laptop prints a paper copy of a document from its screen


FuelCloud can integrate with fleet management systems, industry-specific software, hardware platforms, and more to complete your organization's data picture.

Tank monitors
FuelCloud offers integrations with devices you already use such as Morrison Bros, Otodata/Neevo, SMARTank, and Centeron.
Marina software
Ask about our integrations with popular marina software like Molo and DockMaster.
Open API
FuelCloud’s open API can be used by your developers to easily build your own integrations.
Accounting software
Our system can generate reports for PDI Ascend and other accounting tools.
FuelCloud's logo connected to different nodes and data