The FuelCloud hardware, mobile application, and web portal are covered by the following patents:


United States Patent No. 10,210,969 B2United States Patent No. 10,565,817 B2United States Patent No. 10,417,772 B2

FuelCloud systems have been installed across the United States and around the world by businesses and organizations who use the new visibility they have into their fuel to make better business decisions. FuelCloud estimates that its patented system has helped its users by substantially reducing losses related to inventory control and by substantially reducing the amount of time that administrators spend on managing and reporting on inventory control. Visit our Case studies to learn about various FuelCloud customers.

FuelCloud is a fuel technology company that builds fuel management systems designed for the future of business. Our platform combines flexible, light-weight hardware with powerful cloud-based software that gives managers the data they need to make better decisions about their fuel. For more information concerning FuelCloud, please Contact us.