The Future of Fueling has arrived​



The FuelCloud app interface is clean and intuitive.


FuelCloud allows users to track and control every gallon in their on-site tanks for a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. Track inventory, run unlimited custom reports, and even request tax refunds for off road use with the click of a button. Isn’t it time your fuel started working for you?


Use the FuelCloud app on iOS and Android. Cut business costs while enabling your business to do more.
Use Modern Technology to Cut Costs and Do More

The FuelCloud app, available for the smartphones and tablets you already use for your business, gives you instant access to control and authorize your fuel pumps.

FuelCloud allows you to see where every gallon is going. User friendly interfaces give your business full control over what drivers, vehicles, and products are allowed to be fueled.

Our user-friendly hardware and intuitive online software work together to give users full control and visibility over their pumps. Every time someone fuels up, you get a full record of the transaction, instantly.

Monitor fuel levels, while tracking inventory costs. FuelCloud inventory level tracking functions allow you to always know where your fuel assets are going, and which tanks need to be refilled.
Keep a constant eye on inventory

Never run out of fuel again. The FuelCloud inventory system tracks your fuel levels and alerts suppliers when tank levels are low.

See detailed fuel usage reports and generate auto-fill tax forms. FuelCloud gives you the control you need to create custom usage reports in seconds.
The Paperwork you need, done in an instant

Automatically complete tax forms online, or create customized, comprehensive usage reports for your records or export.




The FuelCloud hardware consists of the Brain Box and the Inline Meter.

FuelCloud’s patent-pending hardware can be installed in minutes and works with almost any kind of tank and pump system.

The app

Use the iOS or Android app on your cellphone or tablet to collect vehicle-specific data directly from drivers, as well as authorize fuel related transactions.

Use the FuelCloud App with any iOS or Android device to authorize transactions and collect fuel usage and vehicle data directly from drivers.

Portal site

Manage all fuel related tasks directly from the cloud- based FuelCloud web interface. Operational and accounting tools are readily available.

Manage your fuel directly from the FuelCloud online dashboard. As the first cloud-based fluid management system, FuelCloud gives you instant access to the accounting and operations tools you need anytime, anywhere.


Frequently asked questions about FuelCloud and the app.

What kind of connection do I need for FuelCloud to work?

FuelCloud uses wifi to connect your phone/tablet to the hardware. Your phone/tablet must have\cellular data to authorize transactions from the server. If the device is going to be used with limited cell coverage you must activate your device within cell range in order to properly download and program your device and user profile.

What products will FuelCloud work with?

FuelCloud works with all gas and diesel products, as well as all fluids and gases that can be dispensed.

How many tanks can I have on my account?

You can have unlimited tanks on your account. One CloudBox works with one hose. Each CloudLink device adds up to five additional hoses.

How many tanks can one FuelCloud hardware box work with?

One CloudBox works with one hose. Each CloudLink device adds up to five additional hoses.

How are subscription fees calculated?

Subscription fees are based on the number of CloudBoxes actively in use. No fees are charged for any CloudLinks. The fee covers unlimited drivers, vehicles, transactions and users. The subscription fee also includes 24/7 customer service and support, tax refund assistance, and wireless software and firmware updates.

What do I need to do to qualify for a jobber account?

To qualify for a jobber account, you must be a valid and incorporated fuel distributor.To apply for a Jobber account, go to the Jobber portal on the FuelCloud homepage.

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