FuelCloud Partners with Tuthill to Build Fill-Rite FMS

Oct 05, 2019



We’ve formed a technical partnership with Tuthill Corporation, one of the most respected names in fuel equipment, to co-develop a new fuel management system offering called Fill-Rite FMS.


When we started FuelCloud in 2015, we knew that we wanted to create a new type of fuel management system that took advantage of modern technology to provide better visibility and control for fuel managers. This partnership is an opportunity for us to focus on the technology that makes FuelCloud unique, while at the same time learning how to make our hardware even better from the experts at Tuthill.


Supporting the roll-out and on-going development of the Fill-Rite FMS platform gives our customers another way to find the right fuel management system for their needs, but FuelCloud is still FuelCloud: we will continue to make and sell the best fuel management system possible. Stay tuned - we'll have much more to tell you in the near future!



Tuthill and FuelCloud Announce Technical Partnership to Create Fill-Rite FMS

Patented Web-based Fuel Management System Now Available for Customers to Monitor and Control Fuel Inventory


HILLSBORO, Ore. and FORT WAYNE, Ind.Aug. 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tuthill and FuelCloud have announced a technical partnership to develop Fill-Rite FMS, a fuel management system that provides advanced fuel monitoring and control for organizations managing their own fuel. Fill-Rite FMS combines Tuthill's expertise in fuel equipment with FuelCloud's patented technology to create a fuel management system that is easy to install, intuitive to use, and comprehensive for any organization's needs.

Fill-Rite FMS is available for purchase and install now. Learn More at

"FuelCloud shows a passion for quality and innovation that we recognize in ourselves. These shared values make this partnership a natural fit," said Rick Wiedemann, President at Tuthill. "Fill-Rite FMS is the fuel management system our customers have been waiting for."

"Tuthill's great reputation in fuel equipment is no accident, and this partnership is an opportunity for FuelCloud's technology to reach a new level," said Alex Bretthauer, President of FuelCloud. "We believe we've built the future of fuel management, and together with Tuthill we intend to prove it."

How It Works
Fill-Rite FMS has three components: on-site hardware that tracks fuel and controls tank access, web-based software for managers to monitor and control fuel use, and a mobile app that drivers use to authorize transactions. In addition to tracking fuel inventory, Fill-Rite FMS provides organizations with comprehensive tank security: pumps cannot be unlocked without entering an authorized PIN code on the Fill-Rite FMS mobile app. Managers can use advanced reporting tools to collect and analyze transaction data and efficiently monitor tank levels, saving hours previously spent on inventory reporting.

About FuelCloud
Founded in 2015 by fuel industry veterans, FuelCloud builds the world's most flexible and user-friendly fuel management system. The FuelCloud system is cloud-based, easy to install, and provides constant monitoring of pump use. Tank owners can monitor fuel on their mobile phones or through a comprehensive dashboard that can create detailed reports in an instant. For more information, visit

About Tuthill Corporation
Tuthill Corporation is a diversified global manufacturing company, developing and supplying industrial products for value-minded customers. The Fort Wayne manufacturing facility builds Fill-Rite®, Sotera Systems® and Tuthill® branded fuel and chemical transfer pumps, meters, and accessories. These brands are recognized internationally for superior quality and performance.

FuelCloud and Tuthill will be working together to build Fill-Rite FMS, combining our technical knowledge with Tuthill's hardware expertise.
The FuelCloud hardware, mobile application, and web portal are covered by one or more United States patents and patent applications, including United States Patent No. 10,210,696 B2 and United States Patent Application No. 16/244,044.