Safe Fueling Procedures To Follow When Filling Your Vehicle

Oct 25, 2021



Safety is always a priority, but it’s especially important when working with fuel.  Keep fueling sites safe for everyone by following these safe fueling procedures!

Create a Clear Safety Plan (and Train your Employees for that Plan)

Employees should be well-trained on safety practices and emergency response procedures, including the use of any safety equipment necessary as part of normal fueling. Should an accident occur, employees should know where emergency equipment is located and how to use it. Similarly, establish clear responsibilities with supervisors for monitoring the condition of fueling equipment.

By establishing clear safety procedures and regularly training employees on these procedures, workers and supervisors will know what is expected of them and how to react if things go wrong.

Keep Fuel Sites Safe

Basic safe operating procedures may sound obvious, but consciously checking these conditions a fuel sites before you fill a vehicle can mean the difference between disaster and a normal day at the office. This is especially true when fueling up at a job site, where non-traditional risk factors may be present or the vehicles an employee is fueling may behave differently than a standard truck.

  • Keep empty and full fuel containers labeled and in separate places.

  • Check the condition of fueling equipment before use.

  • Ensure that there are no clear fire risks in the fueling area.

  • Turn off vehicle engines before filling, and never overfill fuel tanks.


With the right safety precautions and up-to-date technology, you can keep your business running smoothly.Knowing safe fueling procedures to follow when filling your truck protects everyone. In order to better track how much fuel is in your tanks, get FuelCloud! Our mobile fuel delivery system is easy to install and use, and makes it easy for drivers to get the fuel they need.


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