Online Fuel Tank Monitoring

FuelCloud's web portal serves as your all-in-one fuel dashboard. Check inventory, run reports, and manage pump permissions from one place with our online fuel tank monitoring system.


  • Access the system from anywhere, on any device.

    FuelCloud’s web portal and mobile app provide constant visibility into your fuel inventory.

  • Real-time transactions

    Review transactions as they happen and get constantly up-to-date information.

  • Automatic Updates

    The dashboard is updated with new features and fixes on a regular basis - for free.


  • Manage pump access

    Control who can access your fuel - and how - with driver and vehicle permissions.

  • Set limits

    Set maximums on how much fuel anyone can withdraw.

Tank Monitoring

  • Real-time inventory updates

    FuelCloud’s technology tracks transactions in real time, so you always know how much fuel you have.

  • Automatic refills

    Send alerts to jobbers when your tanks are low.

  • Low level alerts

    Get updates when tanks are predicted to reach low levels based on average use.

  • Self Reconciling

    FuelCloud reconciles fuel withdrawals and deposits over time and alerts you when levels aren't adding up.

Custom Reporting

Custom forms, unlimited fields

Request any information you want from drivers in the field and configure fuel data to create the reports you need.

Open API

Integrate with everything

FuelCloud’s API integrates with many existing database and fleet management systems, completing the fuel data picture.

Tax Forms

Tax Refunds made easy

FuelCloud can automatically fill out tax refund forms for off-road fuel use.


Unlimited drivers
Unlimited vehicles
Unlimited transactions
Unlimited users

Your monthly subscription gives you complete and unlimited access to FuelCloud's features - add, remove, or pause as many drivers, vehicles, tanks, and users as you need, and run as many custom reports as you want.

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