Meet FuelCloud. The automated fuel management system of the future.

We help fuel managers make better decisions about their fuel to save them time and money.

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The FuelCloud system connecting fuel, pumps, and data onto a computer and phoneThe FuelCloud system connecting fuel, pumps, and data onto a computer and phone

Smart. Simple. Cost effective.

Our cloud-based fuel management solution is enabled by patented technology and provides fuel managers with mobile-enabled fueling and data reporting.

A graph showing rapidly fluctuating values
We provide you better data
FuelCloud gives you a complete picture of where your fuel is going. Organize your data in customizable reports that integrate with your existing database software.
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We enable real-time visibility
Get real-time updates on fuel use and control driver access from a web-based dashboard that's accessible from any device, whenever and wherever you need it.
A dollar sign inside a simple clock face demonstrating money and time savings
We save you time and money
Cut down on accounting time spent manually reconciling fuel in tanks, and generating reports. FuelCloud also allows you to download pre-filled tax forms.
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Fuel management with real time insights

FuelCloud combines hardware, a cloud-based web portal, and a mobile app to give users real-time insight into their fuel.

Case studies

Clackamas Fire District LogoClackamas Fire District Logo
Clackamas Fire District #1
“FuelCloud has surpassed our expectations for ease-of-use and control. The reporting tools are great and the bottom-line savings are really noticeable. For a public service agency like ours, it's a no-brainer.”
Kent Companies LogoKent Companies Logo
Kent Companies
“With FuelCloud, we don't worry about where our fuel is going - we know FuelCloud is tracking it to each driver and project, instantly. That confidence, combined with the reporting flexibility and ease of use for our drivers really sets FuelCloud apart from other fuel management systems.”
Northwest Pump LogoNorthwest Pump Logo
Northwest Pump
“FuelCloud truly partners with our customers before and after the equipment is installed. In 29 years of selling equipment I have never had a vendor like FuelCloud - 100% satisfaction is rare, but it's par for the course for FuelCloud. It's refreshing to have a partner like FuelCloud that has brought new life to the petroleum equipment industry and lead us to many new equipment sales opportunities”
Knife River LogoKnife River Logo
Knife River
“The combination of real-time monitoring and security makes FuelCloud the ideal system for our mobile fleet. Trying to handle paper reports from across the state was a nightmare, and we had practically no visibility into the status of our tanks at any given moment. Now, we can make accurate decisions backed by live data from the field, instead of relying on ballpark estimates.”
Our customers have pumped over
gallons world wide!
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