3 First Steps in Improving Your Fleet's Fuel Management

Jan 21, 2022


Fuel management is just one aspect of keeping a business running efficiently, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Make things simple by following these first steps in improving your fleet's fuel management to make your business more efficient.

Consider Your Vehicles

Evaluate the number and characteristics of the vehicles in your fleet, and determine whether you are utilizing the full capacities of your vehicles. Sometimes, reorganizing schedules to more closely match vehicles to the work that needs to be done can translate to greater fuel efficiency (and, subsequently, lower overall fuel costs).

If your vehicles are appropriately allocated, make sure that you’re keeping them maintained. Create maintenance schedules to check vehicle condition on a regular basis, and ask drivers to promptly report any maintenance issues they notice.

Create Efficient Routes

Creating efficient routes can be difficult, and software to automate route creation can be expensive. To get started, consider ways you can improve your vehicle usage with your most reliable routes. If your vehicles are traveling long distances between jobs, you may be able to improve both your fuel efficiency and productivity by re-ordering deliveries or service stops.

You can also increase your route efficiency by offering alternative fueling options for your drivers. Maintaining your own fuel sites or gaining access to commercial fueling locations can decrease the time your drivers spend at the pump. 

Use Fuel Management Software

A Fuel Management System is one of the best ways to manage how much fuel you have and need. FMS solutions like FuelCloud can be easily installed on your fuel tanks and monitor fuel usage and efficiency. Additionally, FMS systems alert managers anytime fuel levels are low so that they can contact jobbers for a refill.

Fuel Cloud

Purchasing and installing a fuel management system is among the most important first steps in improving your fleet's fuel management. Fuel Cloud makes a world of difference; it allows you to track fuel tank levels from your phone, and it’s a huge step in improving fuel management.


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