Using Data To Manage Fuel Costs

Sep 28, 2021


Despite the availability of technology that makes life easier, many organizations still use pen and paper to track fuel usage. Besides being time-consuming and inefficient, these manual processes do not easily collect fuel use data or make that data easy to access. This data is crucial for managing your fuel costs and to keep your organization running smoothly.

What are your Real Miles Per Gallon?

With the right data, you can make good estimates of your organizations fuel use across any number of metrics (for example, total miles traveled by your fleet). With this data, you can estimate expenses and quickly identify areas of inefficiency or changes to your normal operations. Combined with real-time tank levels information, you can avoid costly mistakes and make sure you’re getting maximum value from every drop of fuel.

Prevent Fuel Theft

One of the most crucial benefits of fuel tracking technology is preventing theft. When you track fuel manually, you are relying on employees to honestly report their fuel use, and you can’t know if an unauthorized person is accessing your fuel at your expense.   

Fuel Management Systems can protect your fuel, but FMS systems that use cloud-based software allow you to track who’s taking fuel from your tank at any time. This visibility means you can follow-up with workers who are filling up too often, or proactively set limits on fuel use to make sure you stay within your budget. Companies like FuelCloud offer cloud-based fuel management that can help you manage your fuel with ease.

Decrease Delivery Costs

If you know how much fuel you have in your tank, you know how much fuel you need. By providing your fuel jobber with more accurate measures of delivery volume, you can decrease the overall price you pay for fuel deliveries. While you may not be able to customize your delivery on a case-by-case basis, collecting fuel use data over time can give your jobber a better understanding of how much fuel they need to deliver, meaning no wasted deliveries and increased fuel efficiency.

Using data to manage fuel costs benefits your business as a whole, and with real-time fuel tracking can show you what areas of the business you need to change. Upgrade your fuel tracking system with FuelCloud!


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